Tyred out

We will start off with an easy and obvious one, checking your tyres. Your tyres are like the shoes for your car and having bad tyres is like wearing poorly fitted shoes. Make sure that you have an adequate amount of tread left on each tyre and that each one has enough air and pressure. If you want to be extra careful you can bring your vehicle to Concept Motors to check the tyres and alignment.

All Serviced out

This is important particularly if it been a while since you last had a service. Summer high temperatures and any intense weather condition can put extra demands on your oil and oil filter. Your oil works to keep harmful debris, dirt and metal fragments out of your oil system. A clean oil filter means more materials getting picked up and making your engine healthier and happier.

Fluid levels in, Fluid levels out

It’s essential to keep expert eye on your transmission fluids, power steering fluids, coolant fluids and windscreen fluids because seasonal weather changers can lead to low fluids and that can cause overheating.

Pump up the Air…con

It’s estimated that you can lose around a third of your gas after three years. That is why you may have noticed the car doesn’t get as cold as it should in the summer when you turn on the aircon. This is when you need an air con recharge or full A/C service.

Concept motors have invested in the latest technology, all our expert technicians are fully trained for the newer cars Regas R1234yf and for the more common R134a refrigerant.

Belt Up and Wipeout

Visually check your engine bay for any loose drive belts, listen for the cooling fan to kick in by running the engine for 5 minutes. If you are unsure or your car is over heating or any other signs please call Concept motors and book into diagnostics. Remember to check your windscreen wipers are not leaving smear marks. Wipers should be replaced once a year.

Get in touch today for all your Summer car care needs.