Oh dear, what is happening to my vehicle …. It’s not driving like as it should and there are warning lights flashing on your dash? Vehicles are now like a computer’s on wheels!!!

There are many reasons why lights flash on your dash. Concept Motors use the latest up to date computer diagnostic equipment which will communicate with your vehicle allowing us to identify and rectify your vehicle issues. All Concept Motors expert technicians are fully qualified in diagnostic with ongoing updated training, specific to manufactures.

Our diagnostic can indicate and help rectify many issues and services like:

  • Engine management lights. (EML)
  • ABS Lights
  • Service light reset on all new and older vehicles.
  • Undertake a full code scan which will give an indication on the state of your vehicle electronics functions.
  • Diagnose and rectify most vehicle AdBlue malfunctions.

If you are concerned about your vehicle in anyway do not delay booking your vehicle in because by doing so could cause further consequential damage, it important to contact Concept Motors 01708 680686 and book an appointment as soon as possible.