Why use Concept Motors for your air con re-gas because we have invested in the latest technology, all our expert technicians are fully trained for the newer cars regas R1234yf and for the more common R134a refrigerant

An air con recharge, or re-gas, is different from a full car air conditioning service in terms of what is done when working on the car’s A/C system.

Why have you noticed your car is not getting so cold

It’s estimated that you can lose around a third of your gas after three years. That is why you may have noticed the car doesn’t get as cold as it should in the summer when you turn on the air con. This is when you need an air con recharge or full A/C service.

What we will do

  • Check the system for leaks. (Nitrogen Test which is an legal requirement if the system is empty)
  • Providing that you’re A/C system if a sealed and fully functioning.
  • If everything is working correctly, we can then go ahead with a full re-gas.
  • If your system requires just a top-up of refrigerant you would not require a nitrogen test.

We offer an air con re-gas service for all makes and models of car, truck, and agricultural vehicles.

Of course, should we not be able to recharge your vehicle air conditioning, then we can advise on repair costs and carry out that repair if instructed to do so.

Please contact Concept Motors to discuss prices and book an appointment.